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Mission X

A race to unlock the city.

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What's Mission X?

Mission X is a race against the clock that will lead you around our favorite neighborhoods, challenge you to solve tricky puzzles, and offer a new perspective on the city. Imagine if an escape room and a scavenger hunt had a baby... this would be their happy surprise. Enjoy responsibly.

How To Play


Work as a team to decode our toughest puzzles.


Travel to unique destinations & learn about your city's eclectic history.


Race the clock and claim your spot on the all-time leaderboard!

You can expect

1 mile

of walking (give or take)

2 hours

of amazing gameplay

GRAByour friends

Like all of our experiences, this game is best enjoyed with people you love. Besides, you'll need the extra brain power.

I’ve lived in Boston for 27 years, and this was the best day I’ve ever had in this city!
- Sam K.

We've been writing puzzles since 2014. Technically, we're professionals. Let's see if you can handle these brain-busters.

This was the coolest, most unique thing I’ve ever done and I can’t stop telling people about it.
- Hillary H.

Your game is ready when you are. Whether you're looking for a weekday escape or a weekend adventure, push start anytime.

Ready To Play?

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Mission X is best for groups of 6 or fewer. If you’re looking for an event for your whole company, we’ve got you. Click here to see our custom experiences.

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