We craft experiences to make you smile
Large-scale events that bring people together and create strong memories.
Born from fun
Our first event was a side project in 2014. We've since launched a national event series and reinvented team building events.
1,000 Person Scavenger Hunts
In Seattle, we hosted The SF Hunt for some of the most energized and creative people we’ve ever met.
Running & Biking Relay Races
The Loop was a 2-day, 200-mile running & biking relay race, with a group camping overnight experience.
Real Life Mario Kart
For inDay, we hosted Kartwheel for 1,000+ people on LinkedIn’s campus.
Handstand World Record
We set out to break the world record for most people handstanding at one time. www.handstandworldrecord.com
City Discovery
In Boston, over 300 people chose to spend their weekend in costumes, rediscovering their city.
Free Salads
One time Sweetgreen was our national sponsor, mostly because we really enjoyed their salads.
We've been at this awhile
Hundreds of events under our belt, and the next will be our best one yet.
Events organized
People entertained
10 yrs
Our Mission
Together we create challenging and playful experiences to inspire people to push their limits and deepen their connections with one another.
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