June 1, 2024

10 Year Anniversary

Come romp around SF solving challenging riddles, completing hilarious challenges, and celebrating 10 years creating amazing experiences in San Francisco.

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Rediscover 4 iconic San Francisco neighborhoods

while conquering ridiculously fun & challenging riddles.

Neighborhood #1

Haight Ashbury

Neighborhood #2

North Beach

Neighborhood #3

The Mission

Revealed on

June 1st

Want to know all 4 neighborhoods now?

You’re going to have to work for it.

Celebrate with 1,000 of your best friends at the afterparty

The afterparty location will be revealed on game day.

"I’ve lived here for 27 years, and this was the best day I’ve ever had in this city!"
- Sam K.
"This was the coolest, most unique thing I’ve ever done and I can’t stop telling people about it."
- Hillary H.
"It embodied everything I love and made me feel like I was at camp / on family vacation / winning my club soccer game in the state championship / on my honeymoon / at a college reunion all in one."
- Astrid S.
"I don't know what I would do with my life without The SF Hunt. It literally has changed my life and my perspective on life!"
- Veronica P.

Here’s what your day looks like

The game runs from 10am to 6pm


Choose a Starting Neighborhood

Everything starts at 10am whether you’re there or not. We'd prefer you be there 😉.


Solve The Neighborhood

Speed is everything for the riddles part. Faster solving = more points.


Visit a Hosted Activity

We’ll have an in-person challenge that will earn you even more points.


Change Neighborhoods, Rinse and Repeat

Keep on keepin’ on – more fun awaits until the game ends at 6pm!


Let’s Celebrate Together

Join everybody at the afterparty to receive epic prizes, enjoy some libations, play in one final in-person challenge, and wrap up a stellar day.

What’s a ticket getting me?

4 Commemorative Pins

We’re revealing the pin designs alongside the neighborhoods!

$5,000 in Prizes

The SF Hunt winners, neighborhood winners, creativity winners, and of course, the most average team will all enjoy pieces of this jackpot!

Custom Knit Hat

Perfect home for your commemorative pins, stylish way to stay warm, or both?

First Beer's on Us

Every ticket comes with some libations! Enjoy responsibly.

Best Day of Your Life

Goes without saying, but we guarantee a day chock-full of fun, delight, and excitement.

Support a The Guardsmen

10% of sales go to The Guardsmen – helping develop youth through nature & scholarship.


It’s 2024, of course we have a killer app.

You'll use it to chronicle your day and solve awesome riddles.

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Teams can have up to 6 people. You’ll manage your team in the app!
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Refund Policy: If you cancel 90+ days out, you'll get a 100% refund. If you cancel 60 days out, you'll get a 50% refund. If you cancel within 60 days of the event, we've already put your money to work, and we will miss you dearly!


How do I make a team?

In the app! Hunting is better with friends, so we definitely recommend having a team. If you purchase multiple tickets, they will all be associated with the same team in the app. If you purchase individual tickets, you’ll need to form your team in the app.

If you're grabbing tickets for the team, you'll receive redemption codes to pass out to your friends for them to redeem their tickets online (and be automatically linked to your team).

Boom. Or maybe you're more of a 'voilá' type of person?

How is this SF Hunt different from prior years’?

We’re so glad you asked. It's the same, but different. You're still running/walking/biking all over the city, but in bursts. Each burst is within a neighborhood. You cannot see the riddles in that neighborhood until you 'start' the clock for that hood.

Each neighborhood will have a set of riddles you are aiming to solve as *quickly* as possible. Every riddle gets you points, and you're awarded bonus points for how quickly you solve *all* of the riddles in a given neighborhood.

Additionally within each neighborhood, there is an in-person, hosted activity. Head there to complete a challenge, upload a photo or video, and collect your commemorative pin.

You & your team will vote on all of the uploaded photos & videos at the end of the day! The best videos get the most points, and the worst ones get the fewest points.

The winning team will be skewed towards the best riddle-solvers, but don’t sleep on the content challenges. They can be the difference between 10th place and 1st place!

Any pro tips for gameplay?

Follow your heart. Be kind to others. Call your mother from time to time. These and a few other things can make sure you have a successful day exploring and scoring points.

For the 10 year anniversary, we’re mixing some things up. Within each of the 4 neighborhoods, there will be a set of riddles and an in-person activity. Both get you points, but in different ways.

The team that solves all of the neighborhood riddles the fastest will win that neighborhood (and receive the most points)!

At each of the hosted activities, you’ll submit a photo or a video. At the end of the game, everybody will vote on the best media and more points will be awarded.

So the winning teams will need to deftly, quickly, and intelligently solve riddles while really stepping up their content game.

How puzzle-y is this?

Have you ever filed your own taxes? That’s like the hardest riddle out there. If you can do that, you’ll be able to solve some of our riddles. Riddles vary in difficulty but our goal is to create challenges for all levels of puzzlers. Whether you’re our friend, Tyler, and a crossword puzzle national champion, or somebody who never gets the Daily Mini Crossword puzzle, there will be something for you to solve and feel proud of yourself for.

How physically demanding is this?

You mean can you do it? You’re capable of anything we set your mind to! So, yes, you totally got this. The truth is, it’s as demanding as you make it. We can’t make you sprint and we can’t make you walk. How intense or physically demanding you make this is entirely up to you.

What should I bring?

A great attitude first and foremost. Without that, it won’t matter how many granola bars you have. After you’ve gotten your attitude locked in, a snazzy costume is a must. This day is just as much about letting your hair down and putting on that pirate hat you save for special occasions as it is discovering the coolest mural you never knew about. Feeling and looking good come first.

Also, you’ll want to pack some snacks (don’t be that hangry teammate), water, comfortable walking shoes, your ID, and the all important phone charger. We’ll take all your battery if you let us! If you want to go the extra mile, a physical map can make a big difference too.

Can I show up late / leave early?

If you must. You know, free will and all that. If you’re leaving early, just make sure you don’t go rogue and solve riddles once you’ve left your team. Who knows what could happen but it would be bad.

What is the day’s schedule like?

You will choose to start in 1 of our 3 released neighborhoods (the 4th is a secret 🤫)! You can start from a café, from your couch, from a park, or wherever you choose, but you absolutely *should* be in that neighborhood. Once you solve the first riddle, your timer starts for that neighborhood.. At the end of the day – when the timer ticks all the way down – we’ll meet at our afterparty location (revealed later!) to dole out some epic prizes, review some amazing content, and enjoy refreshing libations!

Is this event family/kid friendly?

Over the years, we’ve had lots of families join us for The SF Hunt. We keep our inappropriate jokes to a tasteful minimum and the only 21+ portions of the game are the bars that will be a few riddles and the beers at the afterparty. The afterparty itself is not 21+ though so we say bring the whole fam!

What is your refund policy?

No give backs! Just kidding. We used to say that trading baseball cards. You can find our refund policy on the checkout page, but trust us, it’s really fair!

Will there be bears there?

So glad you asked. We’ve been anxious to confirm that, yes, bears like these will be on the loose yet again this year.

What’s the rain plan?

In short: the game will happen rain or shine! In long: we’ll defer to a previous response from our rain-plan-expert (David G);

I've been asking about a rain plan for 7 years. They don’t exist. The first time I asked Sam, he shot back a look as if I had insulted his mother. (His mother is lovely btw. Her name is Bunny and she has a great recipe for aioli.)

Sam belongs to a school of thought where the rain is merely a trifling inconvenience. If you told him there's an atmospheric river coming, he'd say, "River Shm-iver. How can there be a river in the sky if there's no fish in it? Riddle me that!"

In every event for the last 4 years, Sam and Co have roped me in to help plan Ops, and it became the running joke. Invariably at some point in the planning process, I’d ask the ill-fated question, “so what’s the rain plan?” Without fail, they’d reply “it’s not going to rain.” And it never did... Even if the forecast had 100% chance, somehow in the end the clouds would part, the sun would shine, and it never would rain.

I can only surmise that this luck was bought. A deal made with gods. By now Sam’s sold off decades of his life and numerous future first borns. Maybe at this point he’s even pawned off yours and mine.

“But the forecast says it’s going to rain!”

So what’s the plan?

Sam in a sense is right. The rain IS a mere inconvenience. If anything it’s a call to action, a reminder that you are young and alive. Don your best rain coat, coziest leggings, and finest wool socks and head out into the night. At the end of it all, wearing the warm dry clothes you also so smartly packed, you will be warmed by beer and smiles of friendly strangers. All before you go back to a hot shower, a warm bed, and a feeling that life is sweet.

However while I am a convert to Sam’s way of thinking, I’m not a true believer. More like an occasional practitioner. So, don’t worry I’ve come prepared. Where in Sam’s mind rain plans are for suckers, in my mind, they are ways of making sure the fun stays alive. While we can’t change the location of the clues or promise any certain way of staying dry, what I can give you is my best suggestions.

The SF Hunt Rain Plan Specials:
- Sit inside to solve, throw on your best waterproof gear, then solve everything outdoors!
- Plan your costumes with rain in mind. Dress like a fish and navigate the city like the water-loving mammal-fish-hybrid you are.
- SF rain is so intermittent – time your outdoor escapades with the lulls in rainfall.

In this case, Sam and co would be releasing the final location sooner to account for rain. You’ll know where to go to warm up and enjoy a libation.
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