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Fire shells from your phone while racing your friends.

Grab your friends and challenge them to battle in a race! How many races can you win in a row?

During the race, compete in challenges to level the playing field. How fast can you spin in place? How quickly can you tap your phone 100 times?

Compete for course records, win streaks, and eternal glory.

How Does This Actually Work?


Races can have up to 20 shell-flinging, trash-talking players like yourself. Compete to win*.


Rest up between your races! Maybe work on your trash talking


Just 'cause you lost one race, doesn't mean you can't win the next. Get on up there!

*Or to slow down that one really annoying, really fast guy...

What You Need

iPhone (fully charged!)

*No Android yet...sorry!

Running Shoes

Team Costume

Long Attention Span?

We love reading too! Here's the deal; Kartwheel is unlike anything you've ever played before. Throughout a race, you'll run through item zones to pick up digital items to use against your competitors. The penalty for getting hit might be running back 30m, stopping and recording a silly 10s video, or doing some other crazy thing we come up with. Cool, right? When you race, you'll win medals: Gold, Silver, Bronze, or a nifty Ribbon. What're these good for? Great question. You can hang them on your wall, or use them to prove to your friends that you're so much cooler than they are. Totally your choice.

Once you've assembled your crew, head to your course of choice! If you've got an idea for a dope course you can't find in the app, shoot us an email and we'll get it set up within 48 hours. Fast, we know. Have fun out there!


"Will I be staring at my phone the whole time?"

Absolutely not! We want you focused on the race. We'll 'buzz' or 'bing' when we need your attention.

"What if I'm not really a runner?"

Then these races are totally for you! Race when you'd like, at your own pace, as many times as you'd like. Just 'cause you're slower, doesn't mean you can't sling a blue shell or two...

"I have an Android - do you even care?"

We care and love you so much! Unfortunately our finite resources are finite. If you want to help us build the Android product, shoot an email to support! You know we love to hear from you.

"Any Celebrity Shout-Outs?"

Elon Musk isn't much of a runner, but he's used words such as "truly innovative" and "super dope".

"Is this related to Mario Kart?"

Legally, no. We were inspired by Mario Kart's gameplay and created a truly unique experience. Join the fun.

"Who came up with the name Kartwheel?"

Here at Handstand we're inspired by our mothers on a daily basis. Bunny Goldstein reached deep into her creative mind for this one, and we thank her for that!


Our Mission

Together we can create challenging and playful experiences to inspire people to push their limits and deepen their connections with one another.

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