May 13th 2017, San Francisco



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Fire shells from your phone while racing your friends.


May 13, 1pm-5pm

Hellman Hollow

JFK Drive and 25th Avenue

San Francisco, CA

50+ races. 1.5 miles each. How many medals will you win?

Play life-changing mini games in between your races.

You and your partner combine medals to win prizes.

How Does This Actually Work?


Races have 20 shell-flinging, trash-talking players like yourself. Compete to win*.


You choose which races you compete in! Play mini-games with others while you rest.


More races means more chances to win some of our awesome prizes. Game on.

*Or to slow down that one really annoying, really fast guy...

What To Bring

iPhone (fully charged!)

*No Android yet...sorry!

Running Shoes

Team Costume

Long Attention Span?

We love reading too! Anyways, here's the deal. On May 13th, we'll have a series of short races. You choose which races you want to register for; each race will have a max of 20 people. When it's race time, whip out your iPhone and get ready to rock. Throughout the race, you'll run through item zones to pick up digital items to use against your competitors. The penalty for getting hit might be running back 30m, stopping and recording a silly 10s video, or doing some other crazy thing we come up with. When you race, you'll win medals: Gold, Silver, Bronze, or a nifty Ribbon. You and your partner combine your winnings as you fight for the #1 spot on the leaderboard!

If you need a break from racing, we'll have a number of mini games set up in The Village. These could be anything from four square to mobile speed typing. Playing these mini games will earn you and your team medals, so make sure you leave time to play!


"Will I be staring at my phone the whole time?"

Absolutely not! We want you focused on the race. We'll 'buzz' or 'bing' when we need your attention.

"What if I'm not really a runner?"

Then this event is totally for you. Races go off every few minutes, and you can run as many as you'd like. Just 'cause you're slower, doesn't mean you can't catch a blue shell or two...

"You mentioned prizes?"

Of course we did. Right? We've got a secret gift coming everybody's way, and on top of that, our fabulous sponsors are hooking it up big time. Sign up for more info!

"I have an Android - do you even care?"

We care and love you so much! Unfortunately our finite resources are finite. If you're considering renting an iPhone for the day, give us a FaceTime to talk ticket price. Side note: the Apple return policy has gotta be 30 days...

"Is this related to Mario Kart?"

Legally, no. We were inspired by Mario Kart's gameplay and created a truly unique experience. Join the fun.

"Any Celebrity Shout-Outs?"

Elon Musk isn't much of a runner, but he's used words such as "truly innovative" and "super dope".

"Who came up with the name Kartwheel?"

Here at Handstand we're inspired by our mothers on a daily basis. Bunny Goldstein reached deep into her creative mind for this one, and we thank her for that!

"Can I still win if I don't run, like, 12 miles?"

Yes! Placing top 3 in a race is how you do the best. The fastest runners will not always win; it just takes one blue shell...


Together we create challenging and playful experiences to inspire people to push their limits and deepen their connections with one another.