An immersive escape room, conveniently dropped into your office, designed to spark employee connections.

Transform your office
🎷 Transport employees to an intriguing, bustling 1920’s jazz club.
💎 Complete challenges to reveal the thief of a prized diamond necklace.
⏳ Sprint to finish or slowly enjoy over many days or weeks.
Enhance your in-office experience
We’ll transform common space or a conference room into the scene of a thrilling, intriguing, 1920’s Jazz Heist.
Premium physical pieces bring the game to life and act as essential, interactive elements all throughout.
Players complete 5 Quests on their own time and are then directed to a secret compartment that houses their prize!
These immersive scenes seamlessly blend in for those passing by and captivate those engaging with the Heist.
The best water cooler ever
🏆 Reward your teams.
Attract employees back to the office and build the buzz by providing a unique experience.
🤝 Foster cross-team connections.
Spark new & old relationships with a one-of-a-kind installation.
✨ Deliver inspiration.
Infuse wonder at the exact moment a team member has time for it.
Return to office has never been so enjoyable

From start to finish, the experience was nothing short of fantastic.

Such an exhilarating and just fun event. Lots of creativity and thought put into each aspect.

Our 100+ employees loved participating. I am already receiving requests to do it again!

Let's do something amazing

Our Mission
Together we create challenging and playful experiences to inspire people to push their limits and deepen their connections with one another.
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