10% of all ticket sales go to help fight the coronavirus.
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The world's largest group date. And LOVE is on the line.

This year, let's make Valentine's Day special.

Your objective: Win our LOVE [+2.14%] by solving tough riddles and creating hilarious videos.

Here's What To Expect

1. Ask out your dream team of up to 6 friends

2. Solve riddles and complete creative challenges

3. Win LOVE and make V-Day special

To win our LOVE, prove you know how to choose and court a partner. First score points on our live leaderboard by solving riddles quickly and recording amazing videos, then award points to other teams by voting on the best video submissions.

Play From Anywhere

Gather your friends - with benefits and without - to make a dream team. Anyone can play from anywhere. Maybe don't invite your ex though.

What can I win?


The winning team will win shares in the LOVE [+2.14%] stock. That’s hundreds of dollars today, and potentially millions in the future. One share per teammate.

Let's get lucky together.

February 14th   |   3pm - 5:30pm PST   |   In Your Home

You can buy tickets individually and create a team later, or you can buy your whole team’s tickets! Teams can have up to 6 people on them. Currently tickets cost $31. Let’s do this!

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Ah, FAQ.

Is this going to be fun?

Yes! We never imagined we’d be designing games that would be perfect for a pandemic but here we are. We have given SF an epic day 6 years in a row, run live Mario Kart road races with hundreds of friends, and attempted to break a handstand world record. Our moms tell us we've never let them down so yeah, we’re pretty confident you’ll love it.

What do you mean by “riddles” and “challenges”?

Great question. Obviously we can’t tell you any of the actual riddles or challenges, but if you like solving things like this, or this, or would be excited to create something like this, or this, then we're pretty sure you're going to love this.

I'm single - will I meet people?

Something like 72% of people are single. We totally made that up, but you can bet those folks will be there! Remember you miss 100% of the shots you don't take.

I'm dating someone...

*slow clap* We're all proud of you and we're sure it's going really well. Couples party well together, and we want in on all that magic! Come & share your secrets.

How do we win?

Teams will be scored on the number of riddles they solve, the speed with which they solve them, and the creativity, quality, and thought behind their video submissions! The team with the most points wins.

Can I really play from home?

Yes! In fact, you shouldn’t be playing from anywhere else. #StayHome

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Our Mission

Together we can create challenging and playful experiences to inspire people to push their limits and deepen their connections with one another.

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